♦ Kris Langenfeld, born, raised, lived, and worked in almost every neighbourhood in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

♦ A Christian believer in the importance of integrity, the Charter of Rights, and the need for leaders to identify and stand up for what they believe in.

Why run for Mayor?

♦ I am driven in response to the waste, mismanagement, and lack of leadership from John Tory.

♦ I believe the people of Toronto deserve, and need, better… and I know I can give them that better:

⋄ better ideas,

⋄ better implementation,

⋄ better fiscal management,

⋄ better representation for the people,

⋄ better honesty, openness, plainness, and integrity,

⋄ better understanding of democracy,

⋄ and just better leadership in general.

My platform and policy objectives are posted to

Why bother running for Mayor?

♦ Because someone who cares about the future of the City of Toronto has to do the hard work of starting to fix the problems.

♦ Because the city is in desperate need of someone with demonstrated vision and courage, able to stand up to special interests.

♦ Because what's left of the middle class needs someone to act in their best interests; and

♦ because too many in a great city of Toronto's world-class stature and prosperity struggle for mere survival.

♦ Because I have as many and as few ties with all of the many neighbourhoods and peoples of this diverse city; I come with no private agenda to impose; I have equal connection and compassion for all of our city and its people.

My platform and policy objectives will be posted to

Why purple?

The mixture of:

conservative blue — smaller government, private sector employment, and fiscal responsibility; with

liberal red — civil and democratic rights, freedoms, and fairness.

Coupled with a little green — that all policy should include environmental impact in the calculus.

And a smidgen of NDP orange — social programs and conscience.

And qualifications for the job?

♦ Corporate accountant, manager, computer consultant, business and finance software developer.

♦ Hands-on work in restaurants, construction, carpentry, and as big-rig, school bus, municipal snowplow, and 12T straight-truck driver.

♦ I've stood in Superior Court against city departments, boards, and employees; I've faced teams of Toronto taxpayer-funded city lawyers and won in a Constitutional Law challenge; I've stood up for the rights of Toronto citizens in the past and I will be there again, fighting for what is right, fighting for voters' rights, in any forum required.

Now please check out my platform and policy objectives that get added to


Contact: email               Twitter: @KrisLangenfeld